Has anyone tried a Flic button to control OnSong and/or BeatBuddy?

I’m not sure how I would use this, since I have several footswitches and an MD-BT01, but it looks interesting. I wonder if it could be used mounted on your guitar to control the BB?

Very interesting - Thanks for sharing

Seems like an interesting device. Maybe add Quantiloop to the device control list.

@Quantiloop maybe it’s worth to take a look at these things and see how they would be able to work with the looper!

I bit slow, sorry but YES, I have a Flic mounted on my guitar to use with Onsong. And I have Onsong connected (Bluetooth) to my Beat Buddy. So, in a nutshell, I can make a show list at home, set my Ipad in my mic stand at the gig, and everything is controlled (except fills and stops) by the Flic. No hunting for songs or staring at the I pad. Very professional.