Has the BeatBuddy pedal been physically updated since original kickstarter launch?

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and this is my first question.

Has the BeatBuddy pedal itself been updated since the original first run from the Kickstarter campaign?

I know the firmware has been updated a number of times, but I’m wondering about the pedal hardware itself. I bought one of the first pedals from the kickstarter campaign, and wanted to see if anything in the pedal has been updated, like the screen, motherboard, pedal hinge, etc.

I bought the BB several years ago, and then got busy with life and never really used it. Now I’m back to the music and want to dig in and master the pedal, and wanted to make sure I didn’t need a new one to get the best experience. I will be updating the firmware and bought the SD card with all the latest drums and songs on it.

Thanks everyone!

Other than a revised silk screen logo, I don’t think there’s been any mechanical or circuitry improvements to the original.

Hey Persist, thanks for the response. It’s great to know that a firmware update will have me current, I’m looking forward to digging in and just exploring the BB over the holidays.