Has the loop transition popping been fixed?

From reading the forums I saw some conversations about a popping noise happening while changing song parts. Has this been fixed? Does it happen for everyone or are these isolated cases? This would be a deal breaker if it’s still happening. Just ordered an Aeros so fingers crossed.

Hi there,

There are currently reported pops happening intermittently in specific use cases.The Aeros has had a long history with pops all of which we have dealt with so it is possible there are some crossed wires and you read an old post or two, but, thankfully, there are currently no 100% repeatable pops across users.

That being said, we are investigating where the last reported pops are coming from and how to avoid/mitigate them and many users report no issue at all.

If you do encounter a pop you can let us know any steps you go through to reproduce it and what your setup is like

We are fixing the firmware constantly, so what was once an issue may not be soon or may already be fixed!

Thanks for the question

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Thanks for the reply. I just ordered an Aeros a few days ago. I’m excited to try it out and it’s good to hear this was resolved except for a few isolated cases.

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