Have to Reset Main Pedal Function Every Time I Rebuild Project on SD Card

This seems really piddly, but I want my BeatBuddy to start when I step on it, not when I step off. But every time I update the SD card with new tunes/setlists, it reverts to Start on Release.

So, first question: Can I set that somewhere in the BB Manager software? If not…

Second question: Can you stop that, please?




I believe this is a “known bug” that is going to get fixed in the upcoming release.

When you synchronize or rebuild the card, it returns the pedal to factory settings. Don’t rebuild the card. Open/Save the project directly from/to the card using only the Open and Save commands from the menu. Once you’re done with the final update to the project and you’ve done your final save to the card, save it to your computer.

That process should leave your pedal settings intact.

Hmm…I have found the opposite is true, syncing copies just the files you have made changes to and in my experience has never overwritten my setting preferences. However saving the project to an SD card does appear to overwrite the preferences with the factory default settings.

I just tried it - I added a drum kit to the project and did a ‘Save’. The footswitch settings didn’t change. I also opened the project from my computer, made some changes, then did a ‘Synchronize’. The footswitch settings didn’t change. I also exported the project from BBManager to the card which appears to do a complete overwrite and the footswitch settings didn’t change even though I made a change to one of the settings in between.

BTW, I have firmware version 1.74. Maybe the engineers fixed this problem in the upcoming firmware update. That would explain the differences in what we’re seeing.

Somewhere along the way with this morning’s experimentation, my settings did get changed but not all the way back to factory. The best I can tell you is to get the settings the way you want on the pedal, open the project from the card, then save that project to your computer. Same for any other projects you have. See if that gets the footswitch settings retained in your computer in sync with the ones on your card. That seems to work for me.

My experiences were based on the current official version.

With the firmware update, it is now officially worse: My BeatBuddy no longer remembers that I have one of the early outboard pedals with the latching switches.

It’s not a show stopper bit it is a PITA. No idea why yours seems to work and mine doesn’t, but it has ALWAYS behaved this way.


So you make changes to the pedal, then change items in your project then sync and your settings have been over written?
Try making changes to the pedal, import project from pedal, make changes to the project and then sync.

Also rerun the footswitch detector before importing the project.

I had to reset my pedal the night b4 to use the outro … exited settings ,
removed the sd card, plugged into my laptop @ work (on stage)
loaded some new tunes into the bbMgr.
.during Bebop a lula pressed the outro … ‘pause’… AAaccck !
… buddy shouts … ‘that was an abrupt ending’ :frowning:
it ‘obviously’ remembered that BBmgr’s previous settings, not the sd card.
…last night I brought a usb cable, physically adjusted BB settings, snyc’d the pedal to the laptop,
worked like a charm … :slight_smile:
Is the ‘memory’ on the BB, not the sd card ? I think the first one …the BB.

Because we’re having very different experiences, I wonder if your settings are different from mine, and are either the default behaviour or are being faithfully sent across to the pedal on the SD card. FWIW, the two things I need to tell the BB when I update/export to the card are that I want the BB to start on press (not release) and that I have a latching footswitch.

By the way, it’s only with the latest update that I now have to tell the pedal I have a latching footswitch.

Anyway, I haven’t tried the Sync vs Export thing, and that MIGHT yet resolve the problem. Just wanted to throw something new into the pot.


The big difference might be that you have a latching foot switch and I have momentary. I have seen a few posts about some incompatibility between the new firmware and the older latching foot switches. Since I have a momentary, I can’t comment based on experience.

Also, I don’t know if the latest firmware moved the pedal settings to a new place on the card that doesn’t get overwritten when saving a project. I don’t think that’s the case but I haven’t had issues with my pedal settings for a long while so I haven’t had a reason to really dig into this issue.

I’m finally store bound to go get a momentary footswitch … & am overwhelmed by the different brands out there.
Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Momentary …Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
…OFF-Momentary ON Push Button Switch…OFF-Momentary ON Push Button Switch.
which one do I need ?

If you’re replacing the switches in a Remote Foot Switch:

  • Carling footswitch, SPST, momentary ON-(OFF) normally closed, or
  • Carling, SPST footswitch, momentary (off-on), normally open
    Either type works as the foot switch detector function will detect and adapt.

If it’s for the main pedal, I don’t know what type it uses.

thanks Persist , the two button pedal … that’s the one I wanted :wink:

I’m armed & dangerous … all settings reload properly again …thanks for the help :wink:

I’m losing my pedal settings too. I don’t sync because when I tired I got errors and had no idea what was causing them or how to correct. So I simply export after making changes and all was fine, or so I thought. IS this what you mean by rebuilding the card? AFter spending time going through all settings and adjusting my pedal how I wanted I just noticed all my settings were wiped out when I worked on some of the song files. This doesn’t make any sense, the settings aren’t even available in the Manager so why do they get overwritten?

I didn’t write the software so I can’t say for sure but the BB manages the whole project, not just a few of the files. Any export or sync causes the BB to update anything that’s changed between the project on the computer vs the project on the BB, including the files containing your now-mismatched pedal configuration. This seems to apply even if you think you’re just working off the card but I can’t say why.

The best I can tell you is to get the SD card project configured the way you want, save that project to the computer, then build all future projects on your computer from that project.

Any other sequence would only be a guess on my part.

Yep, and I’d understand that if those settings were present in the manager but they aren’t. They essentially don’t exist, or at very least are not accessible in the manger so really should not be getting changed or overwritten regardless of the method, sync, export, whatever. The sync functionality is pretty much useless until this is corrected. I will try the method you have described, thanks.

I also thought the sync function was useless until I got into good habits. Now, it’s how I make the final save to the card.