Having Issues With BB Manager and Win10

I am having some problem with the BB manager and win10. When I try to save my SD card project to my hard drive back up area it goes a bout 4% then stops and gives me an error then shortly after that it say the USB device is not recognized. And I can’t seem to import any song into the SD card on the BB.

What am I doing wrong here??


If you’re connecting the pedal to your computer with a USB cable, try using your computer’s SD slot reader instead.

That seemed to take care of it thanks.

Another real quick question. Is there anyway to print a list of what’s on the SD card

Probably not. If it’s just the top (root) level of the card, take a screen shot and print it. If you want the entire contents, you can expand the folders and take a screen shot (print screen on Windows) and then print it. The problem is that this is just an image and there are so many files within the folders that you would probably print 20 to 30 pages with a single column of file names. Probably best not to muck about in the contents of your SD card.

There are commercial apps (NeoFinder for the Mac comes to mind) that will allow you to catalog and print the contents of an SD card.

Are you wanting to print the contents of a set list from your BBM?