Having problems with DOP and OPB Song files, Seems like corruption... can't hear the Bass?

I’m posting this here with the hope that someday, I’ll save someone some time. I chose to output through the headphone jack into my mixer for various reasons. In “tightening up” my pedal board i use 90deg jacks where possible. So i’m rehearsing, and all of a sudden I can’t hear the bass??? (Actually i can hear it very very faint) I though the drum files were corrupt, out of disc space, but when I play through the manager on PC, everything sounds fine.

Turns out the 3.5mm Elbow jack was made for a phone headset and has 3 hots (I believe). Left, Right and Mic. So when I plugged it “all the way in” like a good boy, it muted the bass parts, but when i pulled it out one “step” it sounds fine. Just a little lesson I learned. How did i find this? I plugged in a headphone and everything was fine.

Just archiving this to maybe save someone some sanity in the future.