Having strange problem

I am having a strange problem with some of the beat that I have downloaded from the resources. for example the Come Monday beat. To get it to start playing I have to hit start and then stop before it actually starts playing. Its a weird pedal combination to get it to start playing, Same issue with Some Beach (both of which I just downloaded recently).
Is it me or what??

You can move the main part of the song from the Outro to the Intro and see if that solves the issue.

Greg - here is what happens - If your are using a OPB song that has nothing in the intro, a null section for the main loop, and something in the outro, which is really the whole song, when you press on the pedal, you start the song. The song skips the intro, and goes to the main loop, which in this case is blank. It will keep looping that blank forever, unless you do something. If you double tap the pedal while it is in that main loop, it goes to the ending and the “begins” to play the song.

If the song has something in intro which is the whole song, and a null main loop, and nothing in the outro, when you press the pedal once, the song starts to play, and you should hear music. When it “finishes” it will go into that null loop, and, again, stay there forever. If you then double tap, the song is actually ended, and you are ready to move on to the next song.

To wind-bag it a little more:
[]Most of my early songs had the song (the drums and musical content) placed in the Outro.
]I recently began to place the song in the Intro and adding the Empty (placeholder) to the Outro.
[]With the song now in the Intro section, it allows me to start the song and looper in sync with a single tap on the pedal.
]When the song was in the Outro, I had to double-tab the BB and it caused the looper to start and immediately stop.
Hope this makes sense—I’m sure there are other ways to set up the songs however, this is what works for me.

Persist - What looper are you using?


Persist, If I do that ( and I don’t know how to move that part BTW), and I have my BB set to no Intro, will that still work. and also if I do that will it end when I hit stop?

Continuing on, with working around the BB’s limitations - you are on the right track. If you are going to use One Press songs with the intro as the song, you can’t have the pedal set to “no intro.” And, as for moving the part, that is fairly simple. Click on the part and hold the mouse down, and drag the part to where you want to put it.

Stop - so with the song now as the intro, the BB will play through the whole song, and then go into the null main loop, and continue to loop that with no sound playing. To end, you would double tap as normal, at which time the BB sees nothing in the outro and ends. If, while the song is playing as the intro, you decide you need to end, the option would be to triple tap the pedal for a forced stop. Make sure that triple tap stop is enabled. See manual page 40.


You are ahead of me on the replies. I tried the click and hold to move the part but it does do anything, do I have to be in a special part of the BBM. I an just in my song folder looking at the song and I can get the part to move.

Thank you for making that clear about the pedal and the intro. So I my case where I have my pedal set to no intro. then I would want to really moved this out to the main section right under the intro in the BBM right? Then when I push the pedal (with it set to no intro) it will just start the song, right?

Well, I would set the pedal to enable intros, but, you could put it in the main loop. The issue then would be that the loop will start over when it ends. You’ll have to on top of the ending timing.

As far as the click and hold, hover your mouse over a part in the song. It should then get highlighted to show its “active.” Then click down and drag. And yes, this is just in the song arrangement window where you can see all of the song parts.

Phil, I am sorry I don’t mean to be “Thick” here. Is this the song arrangement window you are referring to. If so, it will NOT allow me to move anything.

Yeah, that’s it. I’m on a Mac. I can’t say what happens on PC. On the Mac, if I click and hold on the part, like where it says SONG in your outro part, the part becomes red. If I continue to hold I can then drag the part from intro to outro, and vice versa.

Can you right click on the part and get the copy option to appear? If so, you can copy and paste it, and then click X to delete the original part.

OK Phil since it would NOT let me move the parts around, I exported the midi (song) and then deleted it and the null. I then import the midi (song) part back into the spot where the null was. This way it starts as soon as I hit the pedal, then continues to play until I double tap the pedal and it stops in time. Don’t know if this was really the best way to do it or not. I tried the copy and paste option as well …no go!!

The important th8ng is that you got it the way you wanted.

Are you LEFT clicking and holding and dragging? which mouse button are you using?

Hmm he may be right. I tried it myself. On some of the songs I have imported into BBM, I CAN move parts/sections around to different sections. I hover over the part and it lights up yellow and I can move it to an open block in the song. But for other songs, I do the same and it lights up yellow but when I click/hold/drag it doesnt and lights up RED. Not sure why it works on some and not other songs. Any ideas?

Note: make sure when it lights up as you move it you are dragging it so the words FILL or INTRO or whatever the name of the section is lit up and not trying to drop it on top of the “…” dotted lines. You need to hover over the NAME of the part to be able to drop it on top of and then let go.
Strange quirk but something to consider