Headphone Jack not working correctly

I just purchased a Beatbuddy and have been testing the unit. I have an issue with the headphone jack.
If I insert the headphone plug into the jack completely, I hear drums, but not the kick or lower toms.
If I pull back on the jack, leaving the headphone partially unplugged, I can hear the complete kit.
This is true of any of the various kits available and the custom ones with the bass added. I only hear the bass
when the headphone plug is inserted partially. Just wondering, since I have been reading that the jack is a direct mount to the main board, could this be a firmware issue ?
I have the latest firmware installed, but occasionally I see the message about NO SD CARD, but that’s when I first plug the unit in.
Just another note, the headphones I’m using are Tascam TH=200X.
Let me know your thoughts. Wiring ? Firmware ?

Hi Vern. Not sure it’s a firmware issue. Sounds more like a problem with the headphones jack on the pedal or your headphones 1/8" plug (nice headphones, BTW).

It sounds like something is not making complete and proper contact.

If you have a different set of headphones or external powered speakers, you can test those to see if the condition continues. If it does, you can contact support at support@mybeatbuddy.com for help.

The message about NO SD CARD is normal when powering up the pedal.

Well, I should have done a bit more trouble shooting before I posted. I have an identical pair of the Tascam headphones. When I tested them with the pedal, it works as designed. To be honest, in all my years of working, this is the first pair of headphones to act this way, they work flawlessly in every other situation (except this one). My apologies to all for the premature posting.

Glad you got it sorted out and thanks for circling back to let us know.