Headphone jack (phone jack input) not working.

I plugged a pair of headphones in the input headphone jack of the BB… and nothing happened. The mono out L works ok with the jack adaptor 1/4 but not the jack input for the headphones. Yes, I tried all other angles to troubleshoot this problem. Anybody else having this issue ??

If the side volume wheel is on (not only the one on top) and there is no audio output, try a different pair of headphones. Issue still occurs? Email me at support@mybeatbuddy.com and I will repair/replace your unit.

My apologies… I must have had a “seniors moment” (just turned 50 last month)… I forgot about that wheel and on/off volume on the other side of the BB. All is well in Beatbuddy Land now !! Thank you for the quick response !! Rock On !!