Headphone splitter?

Will the Beatbuddy work with a regular headphone splitter with the other end of the splitter coming from my amp headphone jack?

Hey there could you explain the connections with a little more detail please, I’m not sure I understand where you’re plugging in the splitter and where the audio should be coming from/going to. Please let me know so I can better help you, thanks!

Sure thing. I want to be able to hear the beatbuddy and my guitar amp through my headphones. So if I run one auxiliary headphone cable from my amp to the splitter, then another auxiliary cable from the beatbuddy to the splitter, will that work, or do I need a device that separates the signals?

Sounds like you want a mixer haha! I would suggest just plugging the amp output to the BeatBuddy and using the BB to plug your headphones into, would that work? What type of output do you have on the amp?