headphone volume dial

Is it just my Beatbuddy thats missing the dial to turn up the headphone volume??
I have no dial?


It should have one. Unfortunately, there’s a known problem with a screw that holds it. Open your BeatBuddy, a plastic volume disk and a tiny screw should be inside. That should be pretty easy to fix it back to its place.

i can hear its flopping around inside,not sure if i want to take it apart?

Simply unscrew 3 bolts from the downside and fix it :slight_smile: It will be much faster and easier than to ship it again to Singular Sound to do this for you and then ship back to you!
But if you wish, you can contact support directly at contact@mybeatbuddy.com.

ok,i’ll take it apart.

i fixed it.

i had to ask ,if i did that to my pigtronix it would void the warranty.

thanks again for the help.

You could use a dab of glue on the screw to keep it in place. Mine kept on working itself lose, so I removed it as I don’t have a need for it.

I wouldn’t worry about the warranty at this point in time. Singular Sound is a really new company on the market, it released a single (but pretty amazing) product. The manufacturing process isn’t polished, so there could be some problems. Fixing them themselves by your hand while telling the team is a huge help to them, to be honest. You help them, so you can definitely expect a help from them as well. If something really bad happens to your BeatBuddy, the team will definitely help you out!