Headphone Volume Jump and Noise


My first posting to ask about a couple of headphone related issues.

My BB has Firmware 1.2.9 (out of the box)

I noticed have two Headphone Volume adjustment issues, different than the fix regarding the volume screen in the posted 1.2.9 firmware announcement. I also saw a couple of other bug postings that seem to be related behavior regarding headphone noise.

With headphones on.

  • There’s a volume jump when turning the HEADPHONE knob. This seems to occur somewhere between the 30 to 55 percent range. Given it’s normal to turn a knob quickly (any knob for that matter), It’s noticeable. But if I were turn it, one-percent-at-a-time, I don’t notice it.

  • Noise. When the MASTER volume is turned all the way down, and the HEADPHONE volume up, starting at 80 percent, I notice some ‘air’ noise. I have other effects pedals, and realize some of this is normal and of course once the beat starts, the air noise in no longer audible. The question is, how quiet should this output be and is what I’m reporting considered normal? I haven ‘t connected the ¼ Outputs yet.

Thanks, Jeff


First issue you are describing is most likely intended - if you turn the headphones volume fast, you’ll get a significant jump in volume as well. This behavior can also be seen with other knobs like Tempo - turning it fast changes your BPM significantly. Much like Mouse Acceleration in Windows - when you move your mouse slowly the cursor moves slowly, but if you make a rapid movement your cursor will leap a much longer distance.

Second issue is probably best avoided. If you take just about any music equipment, and set input signal to very low but master sound to very high - you will definitely hear the noise. Just don’t do that. A quick rule - Headphones Volume should never be higher than Master Volume.

The pedal itself is pretty quiet, so don’t worry. Some user have reported unwanted noise, but all the cases were due to bad power source grounding. Simply changing the power outlet was sufficient to fix that for them.


Thanks for your input.

The observation I’m making is for the Headphone volume, and does not exist with any of the other adjustment knobs. I spent some time verifying this. The Volume and Tempo knobs produce a smooth audible transition regardless of how fast or slow I turn them. There are no sudden noticeable jumps. I should probably clarify than; it’s more noticeable when turning the Headphone volume moderately.

I too think the signal to noise ratio is good and I’ll be on the lookout for when it’s plugged into different sources; i know this matters.