Headphone Volume knob

I was adjusting the volume on the headphone knob when it came loose and fell into the case. What should I do?

Arm yourself with a screwdriver, unscrew BeatBuddy carefully, don’t tear any wires, find and get both a plastic headphones volume disk and a tiny screw.
Then fix it in place, but don’t screw it very tight - you will need to find a perfect balance between not screwing it tight enough so it will fall again and screwing it too tight so you start encountering an issue with random sound volume indicator showing up :slight_smile:

Doing this will fix your BeatBuddy in less than 20 minutes!

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

I’d dab fingernail polish on the side of the screw head to the wheel top. Not into the screwdriver slot. But then I have my own fingernail polish.