Headphone volume screen going off and on

everytime i press the pedal the “headphone volume” screen blinks on for a second or two then goes off… even happened a couple of times when i didnt press the pedal…

Any ideas?

Same issue here. Very distracting.

Sorry about that. We’re fixing that in a software update soon.

For now, just turn the headphones volume all the way up and the problem should disappear.

Actually, what helped me overcome this problem - leave headphones volume at exactly 50%. Other positions like 0% or 100% were still causing troubles.

After I upgraded the firmware, the problem left forever.

Can anyone with the problem here please make a full list of all files and directories that are in the root (only top level) of SD card that came with your BeatBuddy?

One of the posts mentions updating firmware ?! HAS there been a firmware update? If so, how to get it?

While playing, the display color and beat in the measure display is fantastic, which just makes the headphone volume screen that much more painful and annoying.

Suggestion for firmware programmers: when the headphone volume switch is turned off (click detent) then there should never be a need for headphone volume display. I’ve tried 0%, 100%, 50%, it doesn’t seem to matter, still get intermittant volume display.

It’s hard to know when the measure starts on some songs, without the proper display. Two different work-arounds (to finding the downbeat):

  1. Do a fill, and then the downbeat becomes apparent, but only after you hear it. I.e. you end up doing a fill, hearing one full measure, then you’re good to go

  2. Use the pause switch, and then unpause on the desired downbeat. I use this a lot to get the BB sync’d to our bass player who is already playing

Hey! The post was about NOT to try update firmware. Manager software has Tools > Update Firmware > Check for update online.

Unless you want to have a huge butthurt having to reanimate your BeatBuddy, I DO NOT RECOMMEND using this right now :slight_smile:

[EDIT] If you still tried that and now feel the pain in lower back, here is how to repair everything back - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=519&p=2167#p2167

thanks. one person posted that he updated firmware and that fixed the problem. I was just looking to see it that was confirmed.

the post was about PITA headphone volume display

so, is there a fix or not?

As I indeed have very limited information (not being a staff member and such), I can only make assumptions (but my experience help them not being very blind).

So, when I received my own hardware BeatBuddy, I had the same problem. Then after a few days, the problem has gone away. But yesterday I was shocked to see the headphones volume plastic disk fell off to inside the unit!

This was actually pretty easy to fix - I unscrewed the pedal, found plastic disk and a bolt, and fixed it on its place.

After I powered BeatBuddy, I was surprised to see headphones volume go on and off again! After several minutes it fixed itself.

So I guess this happens if a bolt is screwed too tight. After I twisted my headphones volume a bit - it fixed itself. Most likely not a software issue. I’m thinking to glue the bolt to secure it in its place.