Headphone volume strange behaviour


On stage last night i noticed a strange behaviour of my BB. Randomly popped up on the display the headphone volume, like as a ghost was messing around with the headphone volume wheel :smiley: (the volume went up and down randomly). Of course nothing was plugged in the headphone input and noone was touching the wheel.
This thing didn’t affect the performance, but is a bit disappointing as I can’t see the beat on the display when this thing happen.
Any idea of why this happens, and eventually how to fix it?


There were a lot of threads about this already.

Without further ado, set Headphones Volume to at about 50%. Eventually, this “feature” will fix itself.


This is known issues and is mentioned in the following topic as well as elsewhere.

Apparently it is going to be “fixed” in the next firmware update, however I don’t think it has anything to do with the firmware, it’s that the Headphone volume dial is too sensitive. There is a tiny screw that holds it in place and I suspect this isn’t tight enough, many including myself have found that this screw works itself loose and the volume dial becomes detached. I have no need for it so I have removed it and tightened the screw directly into the potentiometer.


Thanks guys, I’ll try!


The headphone volume issue is exclusively a firmware issue. It will be fixed very soon. For now, just keep the volume wheel at 50% or more.


Actually, I saw the problem at both extreme values for volume, either close to 0% or close to 100%. Volume range 46-65% is the “comfort zone” for my BeatBuddy. But, most likely, your mileage may vary.


Psalm - great tip about the screw for the Headphone volume dial. Opened the back of the BeatBuddy (3 screws), tightened the dial screw (used the screwdriver I use for tightening the screws in my glasses) and Voila! Problem solved. Thanks for all of your input on this forum.


:x when does the next firmware update coming


There was already a firmware update - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1226. Do you want one more firmware update already? :slight_smile:


I’ve got this issue too… the very minute after I’ve updated my BB to new firmware from November,18