Headphone Volume Window

The headphone volume window pops up during use. I am not even using headphones! This is a brand new beat buddy right out of the box. Help!

Check that you are running the latest firmware, details of how to update this in in my signature.

So, I’m a brand new BB owner and have been learning how to use this pedal over the last few days. I really love the sound but I too, was getting the pop-up window for the headphones volume. I did the update firmware to the 1.4.1 and it seemed to be fine for a couple of days but now it is back again. So I redid the update but am still getting the pop-up.
Am I missing something?


This is very strange as I have not heard of this issue for quite some time. One thing you may like to try is ensure that the volume wheel is fully attached - but don’t over tighten the tiny screw.

Hey Psalm,
This would imply that I open the box and look in… I’m a little concerned about that and voiding the warranty. As I inspect this thing closer, I’m wondering if the unit didn’t get damaged (I have a couple of pictures I can send if you provide me an email) on the shipping to Canada? The midi input looks to be misaligned, as in, it is actually sagging below the centre of the access or plug opening. You can verify with Jay as well because when I first received the machine, it would not work. I had to replace the power supply before I even started. So now with the sagging insides (you can actually see the usb input is misaligned as well) I’m wondering if this is not part of the issue? Not sure how I should proceed? Would you like me to send a couple of pictures?

You will need to raise this via support@mybeatbuddy.com. In the past opening up the Bestbuddy has not voided the warranty - but I understand your concern.

I updated to latest version and the headphone volume window did not display for a few weeks then now it’s back a little at first then only switching between songs and starting a song now almost continuous? I ordered another unit for backup because we gig a lot and have become very dependent on this little beat machine. Would really like to get this fixed and find out why it happens. Thanks for any help.

Troubleshooting continues as I reformatted a SD card and loaded my main project from BB Manager and the headphone volume window didnot display at all last night. Will try putting the original SD card back in later but we’re playing a big event for NASA this Friday so will leave it as is and continue the troubleshooting when my backup unit arrives… Now only $299 no brainer to have a spare drummer on hand.

I have the same volume problem which started when I first attached the pedal switch. Then after firmware update it went away until recently. It is intermittent and occurs most often when I have been using the Beatbuddy for a period of time including use of footswitch. When the problem occurs the screen shows headphone volume. The volume percentage goes randomly up and down from and to 0%. When I press the pedal it takes me back to the screen that shows the selected song, starts the song FOLLOWED by a return to the Headphone Vol screen. Then this Vol window continues and reappears every time I press the pedal. The only way to reset and solve the problem is to cut the power. I suspect it has to do with your footswitch as I have only observed it when the footswitch is connected. In fact I got the footswitch 2 weeks after I got the pedal with no problem. Perhaps others could confirm if this applies to all.

My settings:
Latest firmware installed, Plugged into mono output, Volume dial turned off in detent position, and using the Beatbuddy Footswitch. Nothing is plugged into the headphone jack, no midi no inputs.

Updating the firmware solves the volume issue in the majority of the cases. We are working on a permanent solution for that last small minority of cases in one of our next firmware updates. For now, keep your side volume wheel at 100%, and as long as the side wheel is at that level, you should be fine. If the volume screen issues continue despite keeping that side volume wheel at 100%, let us know (support@mybeatbuddy.com).

The dreaded uninvited headphones volume window started showing on my brand new BB.

It has now been upgraded to the latest firmware and it seems to be behaving itself.

Awesome! :slight_smile: