Heartbleed 2015

This is one of my original songs from last year that really needed a better drum track. So I used the BeatBuddy, of course! This one features Blues 2 at a very slow 70 bpm.

The song features a 2000 Gibson Gary Moore signature Les Paul on lead, a 2012 Martin DC Aura on rhythm and a 2012 Rickenbacker 4003 on bass.

FYI, syncing the BeatBuddy to an existing recording can be tricky. I had some problems until I discovered these settings:
[]Under Main Pedal, find Start Beat and change it from Release to Press.
]Also under Main Pedal, find Release Time and set it to 0ms.
Using those settings, you should find it much easier to sync your BeatBuddy to a click track. You can easily restore the default settings for using the BeatBuddy live.

I should mention that the cymbal roll at the end is an Adobe Audition Loopology clip - not the BeatBuddy. It’s the only piece of the original drum track that I left in the new version.

Good job, keep it up :slight_smile:

Great sound :slight_smile: