Hello and Quick Questions

Hi Everyone -

I just picked up my Aeros looper yesterday and am getting started with it. Happy to report that my first two sessions resulted in joyful grooves and the Aeros worked like a champ!

I purchased it from Guitar Center. It had been opened and was sitting in the glass display with a big, used guitar foot controller sitting on top of it. No visible damage, so I went for it.

So… here are my two questions:

1 - Only thing in the box was the Aeros, a charge cable, and Quick Start card. No SD card or USB cables or anything of that nature. Is that all that comes in the box?

2 - The scroll (volume) wheel makes an intermittent clicking sound. Does this indicate a problem?

Thanks in advance for your replies. I look forward to making music with the Aeros and making some new friends here :slight_smile:

1- Yes
2- normally no clicking sound on wheel, maybe because it’s new and will disappear with the time

Thank you for getting back to me. It was sold as a new item. I asked for and was granted a 10% discount because it was already opened and not carefully stored in the display case, plus I expressed my concern to the store manager who assured me they would take care of me (I know they will, so I am not particularly concerned). Took a quick video of the clicking sound and will post later. Right now I want to make some music :slight_smile:

By charge cable, I assume you mean a power supply. I don’t remember whether a USB cable came with the unit. Definitely no SD card came. (It only allows a max of 32Gb - get the fastest available.) As far as the “clicking” scroll wheel, I believe there was a thread some time ago on this forum. Some reported this issue and since mine didn’t do it, I didn’t follow it. I don’t believe it should click. However, if everything functions fine, and you got the unit for a good price, it might be worth living with it. If you download the latest Beta version (you’ll need that SD to do beta downloads) you’ll find the best firmware to date. We’re told soon version 3.0 will be coming which will make the expression jack actually function. It hasn’t ever worked. To make the most of the Aeros, I suggest a midi foot controller. It will take away a lot of stress and allow you to accomplish some things that can’t be done in the Aeros alone. Have fun!