Hello Frens (Computer lost all data)

So my computer crashed lost all beatbuddy files and programs. Luckily everything I need is obviously already on my memory disk. So I imagine I reinstall beatbuddy software, sync card with program, Make a backup file?. Anything else?

Thanks in advance

  1. Reinstall the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM);
  2. Recommend you download, unzip and copy the backup bbworkspace folder to your computer documents folder;
  3. Use the BBM to open the project on your SD card and follow the prompts to save it to your bbworkspace folder.

thank you

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Alright…of course I could not do this smoothly. I synced the songs BBM but they are somehow not on the SD card…sighs

If they are on your computer in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) use File - Export - Project to SD card and accept the prompt for future syncs.

First off thank you again so much for your help. I have a gig this weekend and need to get this resolved. I don’t even know how to play without it anymore haha. Ok when I do that it doesn’t go to a beatbuddy folder. Should I manually select the D: drive where the SD card is located?. What is the next step after that?


You should select the D: drive and save at the top level (not to a folder on the card).

It worked tHANKS!


If you are a gigging musician, it might be.good to make and have a backup SD card.

Definitely the plan this week.