Hello Hello Drum Kit

Does anyone know how we can get the drum kit that BB promo’d in this song? We’d love it if you would share it!


Is that not the standard kit? It sounds very smilar, why do you think it is different? The song was probably added just for the demo.

I would defer to you. Could you check for me? It sounds different to me. Thanks much!

Like you all I can do is listen and give my opinion, I don’t have any insider knowledge.
Goran would be the best person to answer this question, the genre is “Rock” so maybe it is the rock kit, remember these were just demos made early on.

Youtube clip below:

Thanks Psalm 40! Hope worship goes well for you tomorrow/today.

I Want This Too!!! I hope Beatbuddy Guys Load this Song!!!, The only thing that I see that Drum Set is Yamaha.