Hello, Old Friend

I’d been missing my guitars, so I wrote this song to force myself to play a couple of them. You can hear (and see) my Martin DC Aura on rhythm. My Gibson Gary Moore signature Les Paul is swapping lead licks with a Behringer Poly D analog synth. A Rickenbacker 4003 bass is going through a Zoom B3 pedal set for the “TremoZep” patch. The drums were created with a BeatBuddy, of course! The BB song was Ballad 2, I believe.

The “old friend” in the title is the Les Paul, which I hadn’t touched in months. My poor playing showed it, too. Luckily, half of the LP stuff wound up on the cutting room floor, so to speak. I actually played all the way through the song on the synth and the guitar, so when I did the editing, I select bits and pieces of both instrument tracks and alternated them.


Pretty melodic.