Hello to all New User with questions

My Beat Buddy and Areos Loop Studio will be here today.
Question 1. Should I fork out the $199 for the Compleat Collection 2020 download?
Question 2. What software do I need to create a new Drum session. I have a few songs I have written and would love to create the drum parts.

Just my opinion and I don’t think you can go wrong with the premium library collection (PLC) as it offers you a much greater variety of beats. Consider getting it with the Groove Monkee content for a well-rounded set of beats.

But first and before you pull the trigger on the PLC, (there’s always a “but” :dizzy_face:) download and install the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and then download and use the BBM to open the Default BeatBuddy Content v 2.0 from Download SD Card backup v2.0 and try using some of the default beats and kits to see if you can use and like the parts in the beats to build on the music you’ve written. I think the default content and drum sets offer a very good starter palette. Then if you decide to buy the PLC, you will be making an informed decision. The premium drum sets are really nice sounding.

If you know how to use a DAW (digital audio workstation), you could always try your hand at programming beats. Reaper works for both Mac, PC and Linux and is not terribly expensive. If you’re a die-hard Mac user, consider Logic Pro X (expensive but it’s built for the Mac).

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