Hello, World!

Hello and welcome to the BeatBuddy forums!

Looks like this new version is working much better overall! :slight_smile:
Posting works, User Control Panel works, redirecting is ok, first email fixed!

So, how’s it going, BeatBuddies? How about testing the new awesome forum for a while until the rest of the crowd joins us in our wonderful journey in rocking with the most convenient drum pedal in the world?!

First reply EVER!!

Forum looks amazing!! Looking forward to seeing this place fill up with posts. :smiley: :smiley:

First visual aid to come to mind for title:

Thanks for breaking in our forum! You guys ROCK!

Checking my inbox every 15-20 seconds for my shipping confirmation. Oops, hold on I need to check again… :smiley:

I check DHL website for shipping info every 2 seconds.

I am already waiting for the next shipping wave!

I hope it will start soon enough after the current one finishes, and you guys finally will receive your precious BeatBuddies! I can only hope this “soon” will not be anything like Blizzard’s “soon™” :slight_smile:

I’m driving my wife crazy constantly checking the DHL tracking page in the hope that it will update with something encouraging. Inbetween that checking facebook for the latest comments. Lets hope this wait is over soon as I cant wait to try the Beatbuddy out and start practising. As to use it in a live enviroment with a number of other musicians I need to be comfortable controlling it.