help bb to rangIII tutorial

Does anyone have a video / tutorial on how I should hook up my bb to rangIII ? I’m very new to midi. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi tkat. I haven’t come across a good tutorial on connecting the Boomerang and the BeatBuddy (BB). There are several videos posted here and on the web that have folks playing guitar thru their BB and loopers but not on the details of how they connect. If there is one here on the forum, I’m sure a looper user will provide you the link.

If you don’t have it yet, you will need the Midi Sync Breakout Cable to connect the looper to the BB

Important that you update the firmware on both the looper and the BB.

If you already have the breakout cable, connect MIDI Out of BB to looper MIDI IN.

The two should sync and work fine however, if you’re having problems, read the looper user guide and make sure you have the settings properly set. I think BB is set as Master and the looper as Slave.

Looking forward to receiving my BeatBuddy next week & I do have a Rang III in my live setup … I’ll have a play with syncing up both & report back (once successful :)) …

Hi, thanks for the replies. I guess it was so easy to hook up , it was hard, haha. My mistake was plugging in the in and out into the rang from the bb . Once I unplugged the out cable from the rang it worked flawlessly. I am blown away how awesome the bb/rang combo work together. This forum is a great help, thanks again.

Good to hear that you sorted it out tkat.