HELP! (Beatles Cover using BeatBuddy)

Hi all. This is me and my duo partner performing HELP! by The Beatles. It wouldn’t be possible for two people to pull this off without the BeatBuddy.


The Beatles! Cool! Great job guys. You sound just fantastic.

I own the BB, Maestro and Aeros but have never really dared take them to gigs… I rely on MP3 backup tracks I create with Cubase or just using tracks available on the internet with a Jamman XT. Frankly I was hoping the Aeros would be able to take over form the Jamman one day. But that unit is just does not deliver what it was advertised to deliver and still cannot load files as backup tracks… (Unless you go through the tedious process of actually record them in through the aux in!).

We are also a two person rock band (Two guitars, two vocals) as our Bassist passed away regrettably a few years ago. We play plenty of Beatles’ songs and other classic rock bands and the crowds here in France love it!

Its just great to see you guys performing this song so well.

Thanks for the link and for sharing.


Thanks Christian! The Beatles are so universal. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I’m glad you continue to make music with your duo. It’s nice having all of this technology to fill out the sound for small groups.

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Excellent cover of Help guys loved it

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I’d like to try that file. Good balance. What is your signal chain for BBuddy?