HELP--Can't preview samples after saving a custom drum set in BBM!

When I choose to create a “New Drumset” in BBM, add my samples and choose the midi value, everything is fine, I can preview my sample. However, whenever I save the new drum set and enable it for the project, I can no longer preview the sample, and it doesn’t play back on any songs. I’ve made sure all the sample files are wavs at 44.1KHz and 16bit depth. Why does this happen only after saving?

Read this thread. NCH Switch will fix this. For the reasons why, see Goran’s post later in the thread.

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I also had that observation, that the wav files were being trashed by the program, because in the properties of each sample in Win explorer the bit rate was completely empty where it wasn’t before. NCH is working so far as a stopgap. Renewed motivation to keep going with custom projects. Hopefully we’ll see some improvements from SS this year. Cheers!

On another note, do you happen to know if there’s a way to prevent BBM from duplicating the wav files into its own nested folder in the BBWorkspace directory? It seems I don’t need them, but when I delete the folder, it will recreate it when I edit it in BBM.

I don’t know of any way of preventing the nested folders from being created. Once you get the drumkit edited to your liking, or even mid process as you are making a “save as” of the custom kit, you can search your HD using your system’s search and delete the folders containing the wav files that were created with the kit’s name. The wavs are still embedded in the .drm, so you wont be losing anything.