Help for a new guy?

Hi, I’m brand new here. I’ve watched some tutorials on YouTube about this issue, but I can’t get it through my head. Or they’re just moving too fast.
All I want to do is change the tempo of songs that were already on the sd card, take the intros off, and save them to a setlist in the pedal. Seems like it should be easy, but I can’t figure it out. Help?

Have you had a look at the Beat Buddy Manager? You can do all of that in the BBM.

I have the BBM. I’m just not getting it. Are there just a few simple steps anyone wouldn’t mind telling me please?


So, what’s in the BBM will match what’s on your SD card. Do you have an SD card reader on your PC/Mac? If not, you’ll need to use the cable that came with your BB.

Try this:

  • Open BBM. Pick a song you’d like to change – maybe you want to slow down a song, for example.
  • Select the song in the big window in the right, and change the tempo
  • Insert the SD card into your computer or attach your BB using the cable that came with it
  • Once your computer recognizes the SD or BB, in the BBM, go to File >> Export and export the project to your BB/SD. BBM will ask you to save the project: Say Yes.
  • When BBM says there’s already a project there, do you want to replace it, say Yes.

Now your BBM project is married to your SD card project. From now on, when you make changes in the project in BBM, you can now synch (File >> Synch) to the card, which will be a lot quicker.

Does that help?

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I’m sure it will, but now I have to wait till tomorrow to try it! I was matching songs to tunes in my setlist. When I jumped off my chair to run to my piano I tripped on the cable and bent some pins in the BBs USB port, so now I have to get that fixed tomorrow. It’s always something. Thanks for the help!

Oh no!

Bent the cable, though, not the pedal – right?

Bent the pins in the pedal, but it looks like I can get it fixed.