Help for transition Maestro & Beatbuddy

Can you help me please
I have the new BB firmware 4.1.0
I trying a lot, but cannot get it working

What I want to do is:
I have the good commands on the Maestro to change parts (1-6) on Aeros & Beatbuddy ,with transition
But I want to use the footswitch (as main pedal), to change the parts on the Beatbuddy only ,without transition

So I want to keep the transition on the Maestro, but not on the BB footswitch
Jesus , can this be done ? Or do I miss something ?

Many thanks

If you are using the footswitch in the “act like the pedal” mode, the footswitch will always trigger a transisition with a part change WHEN A TRANSITION IS PRESENT after a main loop. You can, of course, have many main loops. You could have 1 main loop with its transition, and a duplicate of that main loop without the transition. You could the structure song, such that you only use the pedal for part change on those main loops which have no transition. Other than that, there is not a way to have the pedal itself, or the pedal with the footswitch acting as pedal, to ignore a transition.

Thank you Phil
I tough that I could do something with this new features to have my result

  • Added Midi In CC:113 Value 125: Cancel transition
  • Added Midi In CC:121: Exclusive transition (this was added so that you can transition on the BeatBuddy without transitioning on the Aeros).
  • New Midi In CC:122: No-fill transition : Trigger a transition without playing fill

All this features are in the Beatbuddy settings commands and can be enable/disable
But if I disable , it disable on the Maestro too agrrrrrrr

But no problem, I can find my way

many thanks

This is not possible with the footswitch, it is only possible via MIDI

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