Help hearing backing tracks and missing drums

Hi all: Loving the BB so far.

I loaded some of the songs that you folks have loaded on the forums. Some say they have bass, and some list drum sounds that I dont have. I have yet to hear a bass or anything other than drums in the songs I have downloaded from the forums.

What do I need to do to hear all of these songs created?

I’ll use Midnight Rider as a example:
I load the song in the software and the drum set is listed as *SuperBassG… I dont have that set… Is that what the * indicates?

I feel like I’m missing something,

Welcome. Go to the forum Resources/Drum Kits to download and then install the kits needed. Once you install the kits, you should be able to hear the missing stuff. Note that some of the songs are made with premium kits that you’ll have to purchase.

OK… So I went in to get Rock with Bass and it downloaded a txt file.

Never mind… I got it… Just remove the .txt from the file…