Help : How to sync BB and Aeros parts

My problem is simple, I have my own custom beats on the BB along with a 6x6 song on the Aeros, I’d want :

  • Part 1 of the beat playing with part 1 of the song
  • Part 2 of the beat playing with part 2 of the song

I already investigated a lot with CC:113 on both devices without sucess. It seems the maestro is only able to send a “Next command” to the BB when you are using 113 on the Aeros, and when you are using 113 on the BB, the song stays the same on the Aeros because you have to use the “select part” button on the Aeros first before doing the transition.

This was one of the reasons I bought a Maestro and it does not work as I expected. I cannot believe there is no MIDI message to select the part you want to play on the Aeros when you send a 113 to the BB.

I think that you need to set the change part on BB settings ( cc102) to disable
Than make cc 113 value 1-2-3-4 etc… on Aeros
Maybe I’m wrong , but take a look

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I finally found it. I have to send those midi messages for each part :

Part 1

  • Aeros 113, 101
  • BB 113, 1
  • BB 113, 127

Part 2

  • Aeros 113, 102
  • BB 113, 2
  • BB 113, 127

… and it works like a charm :sunglasses:

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