Help!! I just lost everything!

I have been working on stuff for months and have always tried to follow the instructions when saving a project. I’m on a mac. I just did something (I don’t know what) I have no project on the card or the computer that is current. I’ve somehow loaded and old project from november and and can’t find my current one. If I can’t find it, I’ve lost months of editing and creating. Ugh. Please help. :frowning:

From the sounds of it, you probably opened an older project and saved/synched that one to your SD card. If this is what happened, you should be able to reopen the project you need. The trick is finding its location.

  • quit the BBM app
  • use the Finder to locate all of your BBM projects:
    – navigate to your bbworkspace; should be located at Documents/ Manager
    – enter .bbp in the upper right corner [ATTACH]5615[/ATTACH] and you should see one or more projects
    – highlight (DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK) the project you “lost” and press the Command key; the bottom of your folder should reveal the path to your project;
  • now that you’ve located your project, open BBM
    – from the BBM menu, File > Open Project
    – navigate to the location of your Project (it will probably be slightly different than the path of your new project)
    – once you’ve navigated to your project, open it (if you don’t have an “Open” button, just double-click the project)
    If this is what you were looking for, File > Save Project; if File > Sync Project is not greyed out, Sync Project; if it’s greyed out, File > Export Project to SD card and then sync when prompted

Yeah, I think its gone. All I can see are the folders that I made last night when I was trying to recover stuff. I accidentally pulled the card out too early when I was syncing after I made a new song. I really hope I’m just missing it some where. I have always been a little confused about where stuff what going when I saved it. I always said “yes” to all of the save prompts though for fear this would happen. I figured that between the computer and the SD card it would always be in one location or the other and be able to be synced back up.

Okay. So let’s broaden the search to the rest of your hard drive. Press Command-spacebar and enter .bbp [ATTACH]5617[/ATTACH]
but do not press Return. Just let the search run; please provide a screen shot of the results [ATTACH]5618[/ATTACH]

You have bee saving your project to your computer and not your SD card, right?

I thought I was saving it to the computer. (and the SD) I assumed when I saved it on the manager every time it was being saved in whatever location the folder was at. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right?? :confused:

This is a really dumb question; if I can’t recover the project, would it still be there if I restored my whole computer back to a previous date? I’m that desperate.

From the screen shot, you have 2 project files on your Mac. If neither one is the one that has your most recent work, then I think you’ve overwritten the new file with the contents of the old project. Are you in CONUS and would you like to try a remote session? If so, I can take a look to see what you’ve got. We may be able to recover without restoring from a backup of your hard drive.

I just started a conversation with you.

I will do whatever. I have come to depend on my beat buddy pretty hard for gigging. I’m totally ignorant with tech so I’m not sure what CONUS is. I assume I need to go download it. I will go look now. Thanks! you are a great help!

CONUS = Continental U.S. Trying to save you long distance phone call.

If you’re not calling from the U.S., we can try a FaceTime session along with the remote session. Just need to be able to talk with you during the remote session.

Hi If you made Time Machine Back-Ups, then you can easily go back to an earlier date and just drag the project file from where you keep them , normally in Documents, on to the desk top, if you are not comfortable doing that, you can certainly restore to an earlier Back-Up Date. Hope this helps.