Help! Manager Problems

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a bit of help. I’m having real trouble with BB Manager. I’ve been working with it a lot in the last couple of weeks trying to finally get a set together - buying some beats, and using pick-and-mix generic beats as new songs. I’m going down the MIDI route with OnSong, so setting up a folder at the top with song names, even when I’m just using generic beats

Now though, BB Manager has stopped playing beats audibly when I press play, every time I close the program any changes I’ve made have disappeared

Strangely, any songs I’ve imported from purchases are still there in the folders they came in, but nothing I’ve done myself saves - moving songs in folders, renaming songs, making new songs with parts from generic beats

I’m an accountant, and that has taught me to be a diligent saver. After the first failure I made sure to save right before quitting the program

I could do with a little bit of help. I’ll be doing my second back-up from the SD card that I’ve done this week, but I’ll still be missing a lot of work as I’ve been tinkering with the project every opportunity I’ve had at work breaks etc. I don’t know how many more backups I have left in me, and I really don;t want to lose faith in it as a project

Some basic troubleshooting but first a few questions:

  1. Have you exported or synchronized your project lately to the SD card?
  2. Are the songs audible on your pedal when you play them? If the answer is “yes” to numbers 1 and 2,
  3. you have a current backup of your project. Follow these steps:
  • delete the current BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and bbworkspace along with any other instances of your bbworkspace
  • download and reinstall the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • make sure your SD card is not locked
  • insert your SD card in your computer SD slot reader
  • use the BBM File > Open Project by navigating to your SD card and open the project on the card
  • follow the prompts to save your work to your computer (bbworkspace)
  • test the audio on the songs in the BBM; they should be audible now
  1. Are you creating or using one-press (OPB) songs? If the main loop is placed in the Outro section of the BBM, it takes two taps on the pedal to make a song play.
  2. Double-check the Drum Sets tab in the BBM to make sure that all of the drum sets are active.

Thanks Persist. Fast as always! I’ll give that a go and report back

BeatBuddy is working on it’s own, and I backed-up fairly recently, but I’ll have lost a couple of hours work anyway

Everything I’m making at the moment are in the intended BeatBuddy format. I’ve been busy with other things for a while so I’m bailing on the OPB three-piece sound for the moment to get an acoustic with drums set together

Bad news there… When I re-imported whatever was corrupted on Manager re-corrupted the info from the SD card and overwrote it, so I’m back where I started

I have started to think the cause is related to how I was labelling the song. I have a setlist folder for recall from OnSong, and to make sure they stayed in order I was labelling them “1. [Song Name] - Acoustic” etc.

Why I think that caused a problem is that I bought some of the premium beats, and everything that I didn’t rename and left in the folder that they came in are still there, but the beats I put the number before and moved to the setlist folder have gone missing

Anyway, I’m back to the start so I’m now going to separate the 2 projects into different project files, so I can take all of the OPBs out of the project in case volume is causing an issue

Ouch. Sorry to hear this.

You’re right. Songs named with a 1. is a no-no in the present versions of the BBM. if you need to number the songs, that’s fine, I suppose but it would be better to use 01 02 03 as a numbering system. You can also move songs and folders up and down using the BBM menu.

I’m getting ready to send you a PM.