Help me understand drumset updates

I saw that there is a zip file with “1.1” versions of the built in drumsets
I know how to load them in BB. If UI check them to add them to the project, will any song that previously used say “Latin” automatically start using “Latin 1.2”?

As far as I can see, as long as you delete the older version of the drum kit, the new one will be used!

how do I delete the older version of the built in drums? they show up in italics in BB manager and don’t have a check box

I updated all the drum kits, deleted the old, and now BB is very confused about which sets to use, for instance Hand Percussion is now using the Standard kit, not the the *Percussion? Basically all my kits are now messed up :confused:

To delete the old kit, you just highlight the kit and then at the top select drum sets and then select delete drum set…mind you this is on a MAC, but probably similar on windows

Yes, I know…I had the same issue. The problem I found is that there is no way to select which drum is the default drum set, so I had to make it find the one I want. In the playback section at the top of BB Mgr where are the drum is selected, the drum at the top with the check mark is the default. Percussion was selected in mine also. This is difficult to explain in this post, but here goes. Over on the left side of BB mgr where is says songs, drum sets, and undo/redo, I selected drum sets. I unchecked one rum at a time and then looked to see which drum had moved up to the default position in the playback at the top. Eventually I ended up with the standard drums 1.1 at the top. I never had anymore than one drum set unchecked at a time but eventually all drum sets were checked and the standard drums were the default. I know this sounds goofy, but it worked for me. Percussion no longer comes up as the default drum set. I hope this is clear for you.

Don’t forget you have to save the project after this change or percussion will go back to the default drum position…“important”!! Once saved then close bb mgr and reopen and all will be fine.