Help ! Messed up my BB


Early days and not very computer savvy.

I downloaded one of Stu Covers songs onto the BB manager on computer and was able to listen to it on the PC so thought I would export it to the pedal as a song.

Unplugged the BeatBuddy from the computer and seem to have lost everything on the BeatBuddy itself so assuming I have done something or wiped the memory card.

Help please as really impressed with this item and wanted to show it somebody today but can’t now as can’t get any beats,



Pull the sd card, put it in a card reader and see if there are files in it.
If not, you can download the file package from this site and put them back on there.
If there are files on there, put the card back in the BB and see if it works. If not, download the file package and put all the files back on the card.

I doubt that but it is very difficult to say for sure, best is to recreate the SD Card - the instructions are within this thread.

Once you download the SD card backup - unpack the file and copy all the folders and Hash file to the SD card. I was working on a Tutorial how to do this but the Drum editor tutorial seemed more urgent at the time.

By the way you don’t need to export anything - just synchronize.


Thanks for the prompt replies, some progress as I now have a functioning screen on the BeatBuddy in that the machine appears to play as normal with all the beats/sets playing etc however no sound at all is coming out of it either through the normal output or the headphone socket.

Any advice gratefully received to find out what is missing,


Volume knob is turned up? Volume on BB screen shows a value and changes with volume knob?


Yes volume on headphone and BB appear fine,


There’s instructions on the forum how to reload the firmware into the pedal. That would fix any glitch caused by unplugging the pedal.

Sorted by reloading the firmware,

Thank you…