Help, MIDI Clicking Noise When Stopped, Clock Noise When Playing


I’ve noticed a small clicking noise at regular intervals while the BeatBuddy is stopped. When I go to play, I can also hear a slight buzz coming from the clock signal. I have it plugged into a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 3 Isolated 500ma 9v socket, DC negative tip, so it doesn’t seem like it would be the cause. Updated with the latest firmware. Any help appreciated!

Does it make sounds when you are using the Singular Sound PSU?

Bought mine pre-owned without the power supply, so not sure. Is there some reason it wouldn’t work as well with the VL PSU?

It should work well but over the years, forum users have reported that different PSUs have caused noise but that the noise does not happen when they’re using the Singular Sound PSU. I have a Voodoo Labs PSU and did not have any noise issues with the BB.

Ok. I un/replugged the MIDI In cable going into my Boomerang, and that seemed to fix it for now. Not sure what the cause could have been, maybe the cable? Or could be something more to do with Rang.

It’s always good to isolate the components of the signal chain for testing and then start to add them one-by-one to the BeatBuddy (BB) to see if you can determine what might be causing the issue.

Let us know what you determine is the issue. If you have other MIDI patch cables, that might be a good starting point.

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