Help needed creating beats

I have a Beatbuddy and a Laptop.

I want to create a beat and put it into the beatbuddy. And I can’t seem to find a way.

In the ‘90s and early 2000s I used a Boss Dr Rhythm or a Roland Human Rhythm. Those types of systems are what I’m used to. I’ve worked with drummers until now, I’m going back to studio only music as a hobby and want to make this beatbuddy work. But if I can’t write my own beats, then it won’t work for me.

And I’m hitting walls. Why? I tried looking into EZdrummer 2 because I’ve heard it’s good. But everytime I search on how to go from EZdrummer 2 into Beatbuddy, I don’t really find any clear “how-to” instructions. How about a different program?

Recommend me, please, a program to write a beat and then put into the beatbuddy.

Or direct me to the right how-to video or blog.

You could export your Dr. Rhythm creations into a midi file by recording the midi coming out of Dr. Rhythm into a DAW (Logic, Cubase, Audacity, etc.) I like to to use Logic Pro X’s drummer feature, create a drum track and convert it to midi. It is then easy to move any note that would trigger and unsupported drum in Beat Buddy.

But here are short, clear instructions on how to get from EZ Drummer into Beat Buddy.

  1. Create your drums on EZ Drummer. Save the file as a midi file.
  2. Examine your midi file. Note the locations of the in the midi file as they relate to the midi standard drums 0-127.
  3. In Beat Buddy Manager, look at the drum kit you want to use. You do this by Selecting Drum Sets from the left side Project Explorer menu, finding the drum set you want, and double clicking on the drum set’s name. A Drumset Maker window will open, showing the names of the instruments used in the kit and their midi locations.
  4. Compare what you found in 3, to what you created in 2. For any drums from 2 that do not match up with what is in 3, you will need to either move the midi notes around to make them match something in the kit, or create a new altered kit with drum pieces that match the midi from 2.
  5. Once your midi matches your drum kit, you can create a new song in BB Manager, and add your drum part to the song.

Thank you very much. As soon as I get home from work, I’ll give this a shot.