Help, nothing will load

When export project to sd card a window comes up saying can’t find parameters folder. Nothing gets loaded and now my pedal is empty. Never happened before. How do I fix this? Need to start all over loading from a blank page?

It could be that you’re not exporting or syncing from your workspace location. Make sure you are working from only one bbworkspace folder and that the BBM is mapped to that location; to do that from the BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location.

If that doesn’t work, use the General Disaster Recovery thread from here on the forum

I did the general disaster recovery even dragged firmware and files into the bb. so when I syncronize I get this message. I found this file but where does it belong?

Here’s where the file is now and when syncronzing to the pedal it can’t be found by bbm and so I have to abort and nothing gets saved to the pedal. This is wierd

You can try Gabriel Velasco’s solution at or from Discourse Errror Message while synchronizing

As I’ve not tried this, let us know if it works.

Thanks everyone I did the general disaster recovery and I’m back in business again. :sunglasses:

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