Help on the Way>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower - Grateful Dead (re-up)

Santana Piano & Organ.
re-uping this after seeing Phil’s most recent, rockin’ post, and for those interested. I believe I may have edited it at some point so it might be slightly different then the original posting. Anyhow, it is broken down into segments. The first (put in as the “intro”) is all of Help on the Way > Slipknot and the intro to Franklin’s Tower. The second part (main) is the verse/chorus of Franklin’s Tower. The third (outro) is the Slipknot outro riff.

Help_on_the_Way_Slipknot_Franklins_Tower_v2.sng (38.2 KB)

Hey thanks for your work on these grateful dead songs, is there anyway to get a midi version of this one?