Help please 1973 - James Blunt midi BB problem -

Hi Friends, I’m converting this song to BBM, however the Drums don’t translate very well. I hear a lot of ‘ghost’ notes. Can someone take a look at the midifile please?
I’m playing it in the user 0-31 drumkits (8.7 KB)

What kit are you intending to use? Are you going to use the bass guitar track as well? It might be easier to help if you provided some more detail. Most users will not spend any time if they have to guess at what you are trying to accomplish.

Sometimes it might not hurt to provide the source file as long as it’s not a commercially sold source file.

From what I can tell by opening your file in Logic Pro X, your bass guitar notes are not mapped correctly yet and they overlap with the drums, sounding like the ghost drum notes you mentioned. Here’s your MIDI file where I lowered the bass notes by two octaves.I used the SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 drum set. See if this is closer to what you intended. (10.6 KB)

Your comments are noted, with thanks, it didn’t occur to me to mention the kit - just the range.

I’m sure you’re correct, I will replay the file after work, I’m sure it’ll be right

No blood, no foul. Just trying to help so we can more easily (and quickly) help you! :grin:

And I really appreciate yours and another (Phil_Flood) who have dropped in (since Feb?) while I tame this beast. If you told me then, I could be where I am now, I would have scoffed
It’s almost obvious now though, if I could put the puzzle together- I may have kept it this way because the add ons from this group are the real value to me… the bass, the keys and not to forget the Tele
The help I’ve had is really nice

My thanks to you all

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