Help please - aeros stuck on logo screeen

My Aeros won’t start up beyond the log screen, just happened first time last night, it came back but today it’s not fully starting? i gotta gig tonight!

it’s back now, but i’m concerned it’s not gonna be consistent. Anyone have this issue? I’m tempted to try the 5.0 update but I am also used to running it as is, in 6x6 .

Hi there, definitely do not go to 5.0.0 for a gig it is a beta firmware

I would suggest looking for the version you were using here on the forum and try a manual update with the SD card.

Did you attempt to do anything before this happened or did it happen randomly? What were you doing with the Aeros last you used it? Was it working fine?

Yeah. I use this thing everyday. I was reheasing and looked down and the logo screen was up, touch screen was frozen, for a second it popped to the home screen and went right back to logo. Pedals had no afftect either. I restarted and replugged in the power, made sure all that was the same as ever. All, good. then it came back on. Could be slow start is connected to a weak network connection, but it’s never hasppened before and the connect has always been kind of weak. I only logged inot the netowrk to see if the 5.0 update was live yet. So, that could be it. But i usually have the network enabled, or not. It’s never been an issue.
I do gig w it weekly, so I gotta have it up. I need to invest in a backup device just in case.

in the brief moment that the home screen popped up, I did notice that it wasnt connected to my network, but when it did work the connection was there. after disabling the wifi it seemed to start ok a second time.
I have been rehearsing, shooting video w it the last couple hours and i seems ok, and I just re-stated it while typing this to give you at the moment info, and it’s up and running. wifi is disconnected, i’ll leave it as such since i need this to run tonight, but I’ll do a lil R&D tomorrow and follow up for good measure.

I LOVE these machines, so I can’t thank you all enough for this product and support thus far.
I’d really like to get more vid’s up of me using em live because it’s so essential to me set and show as a solo live looper guy… and I have dozens of songs programmed w the manager.
SO, cool, this thing :slight_smile: ttys

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and thank you for getting back at me today!

This sounds like a crash, what version are you currently using for the Aeros?

Please reach out to so you can start a dialog with them and have them there for troubleshooting.

Was there any commonality or similar behavior before the crash happened? Maybe a specific command you sent or a specific song you had opened?

When you reach out to support please do include any information or videos of your experience so we can better assist you.

It’s our pleasure, thank you for reporting and I hope we can figure out the issue

I never followed up.But it seems that once I disabled the wifi and kept it offline from my network, it is ok. I have been having issues w signal quality in the area the aeros is set up, so I’m thinking it might be that.
I don’t have it linked to wifi out gigging, so it’s been ok for the last week. I got bz so it’s running good. And, I have 4 gigs w it this weekend, so it is a workhorse and very reliable.
I jumped on here immediately when it was running wierd and knew you’d get right back to me…and wasnt disappointed. You guys rock.
Looking forward to trying the 5.0 when it is full on released. The preview I saw looked like a number of those new slide out options are gonna work for me. Great work on these features.
Thank you again for the quick response.

Ok that is very odd, that shouldn’t happen with WiFi on.

If you ever have a chance, please try turning WiFi back on while the Active Logger is enabled. This is found in the Diagnostic screen (settings>diagnostic). The SD must be inserted for this to work correctly.

Once it crashes again you can send us the log files and the crash log generated on your SD card to along with any information or video of what happens


K, I’ll give that a shot in a week or so. I got a string of work I need this to run on. But I am happy to troubleshoot and work it out w you when I can, or if it crashes again and the need arises immediately. It’s been in use every day, I mean hours and hours since, and ran 4 gigs in 5 days this past weekend from Thursday to today. So, I am kinda leaving well enough alone and figured the next update will be the 5.0 which may be such a change I’lllikely be deep in it or a while and if theres a bug in the machine itself, it will be revealed or healed. Maybe? I’ll keep you posted.

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