Help, please?! Custom PS2 mini din to TRS cable

I am getting so confused, because all I can find are instructions on how to connect to the solder side of regular 5 pin midi connectors. All I want to do, is this!! (See pic) Which color wires go to tip/ring/sleeve? I know which wires go to which pins, and which are in/out. But I don’t know much about midi, and this rather proprietary cable/connector isn’t making this as easy as I thought it would be. Can someone just tell me which color wires go to tip/ring/sleeve? I know this is possible, because I’ve seen the post where # Nepali_brother did this, but I am confused!!! :neutral_face:

Hey there, this may help, found on pg 17 of BB manual

Alright, so with the help of Nepali_brother (Thanks man! :v:), I think this is what you should include in the manual. I haven’t soldered this together yet, because I got too frustrated trying to figure it out earlier, with the lack of specific info. :neutral_face: But, this should be correct. (And do correct me, if this is wrong!) This should make it pretty foolproof, for others. :+1: I’ll let you know how this works, when I solder it together tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight. My frustration level was pretty high. :crazy_face:

tip - red
ring - white
sleeve - black

PS2 Mini Din:
#1 = blue out to red TRS
#2 = green out to white TRS
#6 = yellow out to black TRS
#3 = white in to red TRS
#4 = pink in to white TRS
#5 = N/A

Black/sleeve is not used on in TRS

According to the pinout, as in this image.

[Edited: Oops! I accidentally listed black twice on the outs!]

PS2 Pin Numbers

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Correction required here mate:
#1 = blue out to red TRS

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Thanks for that!! I accidentally listed black TRS twice on the out, but I had it right in my notes. :v: It’s been corrected. :sunglasses: I still haven’t gotten it done yet. I had a dentist appt, and some other shit to do. :crazy_face:

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No problem mate

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