Help Please - Pause Command Not Working As Expected

Having a problem with pause. I’m sending a CC:111 I’ve tried Values 1, 2, or even 127 as outlined in my Morningstar MC3. I’m up to date with all firmware. I author backing OPBs in Reaper for most of the songs I do. I’ve tried using the pause command when in intro and main.

On a Value of 1 the loop pauses. It does not toggle back on. Pressing the main pedal starts the loop over at the beginning and defeats the pause. On a Value 2 it pauses, then when pressed again starts at the beginning of the loop defeating the pause. On 127 it pauses when pressed then goes back to the beginning of the loop when released. None of these options accomplishes what I’d like to do.

I simply want to use 127 to pause at a point in the loop for theatrical effect then continue on from that point in the loop.

What am I missing?

I don’t have a MIDI chart in front of me. But I’m puzzled you didn’t test 0 to unpause.

I did test “0” as well. Same result. Sends main loop back to the beginning. It also advances to main loop from Intro. If anyone is curious. lol!

BeatBuddy Manual (Firmware 3.9.9).pdf shows this in a chart on page 37:

CC:111 [0-127]
Pause / Unpause the current song
0: Unpause
1: Pause

1: Toggle between pause and unpause

I even tried “2”. Sends main loop back to the beginning.

While looking through the manual pdf again I discovered this on page 23:
“When the BeatBuddy is paused, MIDI Stop command is
sent by the BeatBuddy (through the MIDI OUT port) to stop all synced
devices. When unpaused, MIDI Start is sent to restart all synced devices.
The beat is restarted at the beginning of the measure to keep in time with
other devices. This behavior is relevant when the BeatBuddy is acting as
Transmitter in MIDI Sync.”

So, I disabled Midi Out to see if it would make a difference. I think as long as the Morningstar MC3 is attached “Midi Sync” is enabled so pause will always return to the beginning of the measure. I guess??

My work around is the same I use for time and tempo changes. Make seperate A, B, C…etc. songs as parts of the whole song then use Next Song to pause and Main Pedal to start.

ITMT, if anyone has a clue as to how to use the pause command as a pause toggle at a specific beat in a song, please let me know.

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Hey there, sorry for the delay in answering this, but the problem is a core way pause works, pause does not entail pausing and continuing from where it was paused.

Pause will either start back the main loop from the beginning when unpaused or, if set to mute pause, will continue “playing” silently so that when it is unpaused it is at the same point in playback as if it hadn’t been paused.

The behavior you are looking for is not possible using pause or on the BeatBuddy

Thanks Brennan, I’ll just keep using my work around. It actually works really well.

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