Help please with CC commands

Hi, guys (that’s everyone). I’m trying to set up a button on the MM that will unpause BB and go to the next beat. Have tried several different sequences of commands with no success (other than unpausing and redirecting - as requested) I’d appreciate someone coming up with an answer. PLEASE!

Latest try was:
Next part (on press)
Next part off (release)
Unpause (on press)

I’ve just tried this, it doesn’t work with MM or HX FX midi commands. So it’s a Beatbuddy issue not a MM issue. Maybe try next part, followed by pause. Then unpause on its own? I don’t think BB likes to be hit with multiple midi commands

Thanks for the suggestion, but already tried that. It only affects one song, so I’ll have to have a rethink.

We will try to build behavior for BB to handle this in the next beta BB firmware, thanks for the feedback, Dev has not signaled there should be any problem expanding this unpause feature with transition commands

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks. Just ordered the Aeros so I’ll no doubt have more questions, and a Pigtronix Infinity to sell.

Remember that is a great resource for one on one assistance with issues!