Help Remixing Toms on Standard Kit


I need to tame a couple of the toms in the Standard 1.1 kit. The toms in questions have way too much of a “boing” going on after the initial attack. I have been able to calm them down using a notch filter and a soft gate at the mixer, but that ends up applied to all of the kit, not just the offending toms.

I need to:

  • extract the wave files
  • remix them
  • reinsert them
  • recompile the kit

Which means I either need a really good tutorial on how to use the drum editor (there IS a drum editor, I think?) or I need some help on some or all of these steps. Or, perhaps @GoranGrooves would be willing to rebuild the kit if I remix the offending toms?

Either way, if I can get some help, I will pay it back by making the kit freely available here as a modification.

So? Any help? Maybe @Phil_Flood has some tips?

Thanks in advance!


Looking at the manual and tutorials, and it looks like the only thing I absolutely need help with is extracting the the .WAV files from the kit. I don’t see an easy export – but I’m still looking, so this whole thread might sort itself out before anyone responds (it’s early for musicians, I know…).


…and it looks like I have found the directories with the .WAV files. See? If you ignore me long enough, I’ll figure it out!


And I did!

The revised kit (which I have called “Standard 2.01”) is untested in a live environment, but I have tuned down the bottom-head resonance and gated the toms the way I would in a live environment. I’m going to play with them at lunch, but if anyone is interested, let me know and I will figure out how to export and share.

If you are sharing the kit, please refrain from using the version numbering along with the name (eg. Standard 2.01) as that will create confusion for users once I release an official updated version of the kit, which may have a lower number. Instead, mark it with something else (like your name, for example).

To share, all you need to do is navigate to the BB Workspace on your computer and you will find it inside one of the folders. The location on PC should be something like:

I hope that helps.

Good point. Standard JV?

I’m going to rehearse with the new kit tonight. Thoughts on it/availability if anyone is interested tomorrow.

@GoranGrooves, are you planning a toned-down-toms version of the Standard kit? I LIKE the Standard kit, but I need it mixed as if it might get played through subs (which does not seem to be a consideration in the current Standard kits) because I do. Any insights would be most welcome.


The name sounds good :wink:

I will look into the sound of the toms and see how they can be improved upon. I am currently revising the entire default content, so it will likely be a month before it sees the light of day. Because most of the revisions are details, it takes a very long time.

Okay, thoughts…

Obviously, it would have been ideal to make tweaks at the time of recording, and I am sure that @GoranGrooves will do a better job of this than I have when he publishes the next drum set (he gets to start at ground-zero, after all). But, by taking a “live sound” approach rather than a “live drums in the room” approach, I am pretty happy with the results. For each tom, I used a pair of notches to reduced (not eliminate) the resonances from both the top and bottom skins, leaving them musical, but damping their oversized rebound effect; adding a gate, I shortened the length of the notes and increased the decay rate. I tried to keep it from sounding unnaturally damped, and, for the most part, I’m pretty happy with the results.

If I can figure out how to DropBox it, I’ll share it.

Got it:

I’ll share in Drumkits as well.