HELP!! Synch is Greyed Out!

I can’t synch my project to my SD cards! the Synch option is greyed out. What do I need to do?



I ended up having to export and then change all of my pedal settings back to my preferences. Now it’s working. Any idea what happened? It worked the other day, and nothing (of which I’m aware) has changed.


The BBManager can only synchronize to one physical SD card. If you have multiple SD cards that you use, then insert each one until you find the one where that menu option will not be greyed out. Or what you can do is export to one of the cards (File > Export > Project to SD Card) and then link that card for future synchronizations at the end of the process.

Not quite true: Once you Export to all of the cards (functioning one and backup, for example) you can then synch to all of them.
Except I can’t synch to any of them for some reason.

If the drive letter you are using for the card or beatbuddy changes you won’t be able to sync. Eg. I was using F: then after plugging some other stuff in my drive letter changed to E: and I couldn’t sync and had to export.

Yes, you are correct about that. My mistake.

It seems that they are not linked anymore for some reason. Were there any recent changes made that could have caused this, like the example Guitar Stu wrote above? If you re-export now and link for synchronization, do the cards sync?

Nothing has changed since the last sync, but for some reason, my SD reader is now E: rather than F:, and that seems to be the root of my problem. Change request: Can we specify where we would like to sync? Also, related: Can we set up our pedals in BBM?

Thanks for all your help! Without knowing what went wrong, at least I am back on-line!


Hi, when I try to export “project to SD-Card” it offers me the whole SD-card with all its contents but wants me to choose a folder. There are date, default-lib, drumsets, effects, params, songs and user_lib. Which one should I choose?

Synchronize to the root level of the SD card.