Help synchronizing a new project in a mac

I’ve been trying to upload my project to my Beatbuddy SD card but i cant. Does anyone know why?

Every time I try it I failed. A message “Unable to delete /Volumes/NO NAME/EFFECTS/config.csv” keeps looping every time i try. Help!

Try “Export Project to SD Card”.

I have a older iMac running and older OS and was having the same problem. I stopped trying to “sync” my project and instead just “Export Project to SD Card” every time I add songs to my Set Lists, or modify beats or BPM’ of songs, etc. once the Export haste finished, a dialog box comes up asking if I want to “syncronise” this project in the future, I hit the “NO” button.

Even though some stuff looks different on the Mac than the Tutorials, etc., the functions are still there.

Once I figured out how to put my Beatbudy to work, we are “buddy’s” again, lol.i now have set lists for 3 different music projects I play in, and the BB works and sounds great!

Hope this helps…

Thank you very much! @8daypsalmist

So everytime you export to SD card, you then lose your settings and have to re enter them in the BB. Is there a work around for this?

Yes you can take a backup of the settings file and copy it to your SD card after you export to the card with BBM

Any reason why singular sound can’t fix this?

This is due to the Mac bug that prevents the BBM from synchronizing the project to the SD card. Since the Export Project to SD card was never intended to sync the settings in the PARAMS folder, I can only offer that the Export function works as designed.

Singular Sound has already demonstrated in one of their older Mac beta versions that they’ve resolved the sync bug but in the process, they created many more anomalies and bugs. This is why the beta was never widely distributed.

We’ll see if they fixed this bug without introducing an entirely new generation of exotic bugs if and when they release the New and Improved BBM.

Thanks for the explanation!