Help the poor. Dm Help the poor 1.01. - Robben Ford. Multistep

Help the poor. Dm. Robben Ford version. Although this is the multistep version, I tried to solve it as simple as possible. Mean, the intro is not in intro place, but also the first main, because, when I play it in live situation, I like to have time for intro-riff and like starting song, when I want to. After everything follows the original, but parts, verse, bridge, solo are in different main slots, no fills, just transitions. This way you can change parts simply by hitting transition anywhere in last measure of the actual part. Put there a long outro, for singing and soloing a bit before end. Anyway, this version needs good knowledge of the original song. Working best with Rock w Bass Super Quiet or Fingerpick Bass, but you can experiment.

Download Here