Help to modify a drum kit

Hi everyone, i creating my midi loops in EZdrummer and then i go to the Beat Buddy pedal. It works fine.
I´m use to use the BALLAD DRUM KIT (maybe metall) because it´s simillar to the sound of the post rock of the Ezdrumer. The problem comes beacuse some keys of the midi loops is not sounding in the BBmanager. I´m thinking to change something in the Ballad drum kit…
I can remap the sounds in Ballad kit… for example B1 or F1 with is not sounding in BB manager. How do i do these if i now the number of the keys and the tipe of sound that i want to add from the same ballad drum kit?

I already find the Midi layout of the drum kit that i´m using in EZdrummer… Take a view about it and tell me what can i do with the sounds that is not sounding in the EZdrum kit…

I´m clouse to the end with these please help.


Here is the Midi map of the Post rock Ez drummer