Help! Trouble recording BB drums in Areos loop Studio

Hi Everyone,
When I’m recording a loop the Areos it isn’t recording the drum parts too from the BB ! I have the BB hooked up with the midi cable to the Areos and the outputs of the areos on the back into the inputs of the BB on the right side(both of them). I have the headphone on the BB connected to a stereo which sounds great but was just wondering if i need to connect the 2 other outputs of the BB on the left side to the areos inputs on back! or will the midi cable that I already have connected handle that.
Thanks everyone! sorry in advance if this has been asked already

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Midi has no audio, just control.

You’ll want the BB to go into the aux input of the Aeros to record it.

But do you really want to record the BB? If it is midi synced to the Aeros, then you can always recreate the drum sound in sync with your loops without recording it…

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Thanks for the info! I’ll use that Aux port! Your right I was thinking that too that I could just record the other tracks into Areos and just play the drums on the BB outside of it ! I’m
new to this looping stuff but really love the option these devices give us! So do most people use BB outside of the Areos without recording it ? cause that definitely works good also!
Thanks again!

Yes, most people use BB outside of Aeros without recording it.