Help with Aeros & BB Sync issue

Hi all. I’d given myself a bit of a break using my Aeros and BB and fired the combo up again a few days back. My usage was fairly basic. I’d mainly record chord progressions in a song to the Aeros and then play them back at certain times in the song so I could solo over them etc. Fairly straight forward.

My problem is, I’m sure when I used to use the 2 together before I could press the button on the Aeros on the 2nd or 3rd beat ‘before’ I wanted to start recording or start playback, and the Aeros would do it on the 1st beat of the upcoming bar? Now no matter what I do it wants to start as soon as I press the pedal? I can’t work out what I have changed (or am I dreaming and it always worked this way).

It’s fine when I stop playback or recording, the Aeros will keep going until the current bar ends. But whenever I try to start playback or record a section it starts exactly when I press the button so I have to be sure I start it ‘on the 1st beat’.

So, am I dreaming and it always worked this way, or has something changed to start recording/playback exactly when I press the button and not on the upcoming 1st beat?

The BeatBuddy is all set for midi sync. On the Aeros main settings, MIDI In Start neither record or playback are selected. In the song settings, StopSong is set for End Of Measure, Sync Tracks set to Start & Length and Quantize To Measure is set to ON. I thought Quantize would be the issue but it is on.

Does anyone know what I’ve done wrong?

Looks like I’ve solved my own problem. Not sure why but no matter what I tried nothing would fix it so I did a reset on the BeatBuddy and now it is working as it should again.


Glad you fixed it, odd it was happening, when you say reset do you mean power off and back on?

No I did a restore to default from the menu. Both devices are on the same pedal board so the BB was restarted every time I switched them on. Not really sure what had happened but they just lost their sync. Used it last night in a performance and all worked well.

I honestly thought it was something to do with the Aeros but just thought I’d try reset the BB just as a test and away she went. Really not sure what had happened as no settings have been changed in my gear for a long time besides updates, but had used them since last updates all fine.

I’ll keep an eye on it.

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